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About this service 


Transform your body by removing unwanted fat naturally. Our Fat Reduction Combo treatment consists of Cavitation and Fat Freezing combined in order to eliminate the fat cells in targeted areas.


Once the fat cells are eliminated they are naturally removed from the body through our lymphatic system resulting in a more contoured appearance and a slimmer figure.


How does it work?


Please refer to the below link for information about Cavitation treatment:


Please refer to the below link for information about Fat Freezing treatment:


This is an extremely convenient treatments as recovery is minimal and side effects are rare. 


We usually recommend a series of 4 sessions minimum for desired results with appointments every 2 weeks or for quicker results on weekly basis as following:


1st Week: Cavitation + Fat freezing 

2nd Week: Cavitation 

3rd Week: Cavitation + Fat Freezing

4th Week: Cavitation 


Areas can be treated:


❄️abdomen (upper/lower)

❄️thighs (inner/outer/back/front)


❄️flanks (love handles)

❄️bingo wings (upper arms)

❄️back (bra) fat



How does the booking work?


Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange the date for your appointment. We advise calling the salon prior to booking to confirm availability. Please refer to our policies in regards to refunds etc.

Fat Loss Combo Treatment

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