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If you are having trouble shifting those pesky extra pounds, our Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis treatment uses the most advanced technology currently on the market to do just that!


It has been scientifically proven that the Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis treatment works and it can eliminate up to 30% of fat on the targeting areas in every session!


Treatable Areas:


❄️abdomen (upper/lower)

❄️thighs (inner/outer/back/front)


❄️flanks (love handles)

❄️bingo wings (upper arms)

❄️back (bra) fat


❄️lower back



How does it work?


Our advanced Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis treatment works by targeting specific areas on our body in order to eliminate the fat cells by using freezing temperatures in a controlled manner. Once the fat cells have been frozen, they eventually die and our body get rid of them naturally thought our lymphatic drainage system. The treatment lasts from 30 - 40 mins, depending of the area treated, where we put the plated handles/pads (no suction cups) on the treated area whilst protecting your skin with fat freezing membranes.



The number of treatments will vary depending on the area we treat and the amount of fat cells need to be destroyed. Everyone's metabolic rate is different hence the results vary from client to client. On average 2 - 4 sessions are required per area for results every 2 weeks. Best results can be seen within 2-3 months after all sesions are completed.  


Fat Freezing vs fat cavitation.


Which treatment is more effective?


Both treatments are proven to kill off fat cells, and both can give you good results if done correctly. If you can grab a good handful of fat then it’s usually suitable to freeze. If the fat is more widespread, then Cavitation will be a better option especially if you wish to focus not only on targeting the fat cells but also the loose skin as well as cellulite. 


The results of cavitation treatment are faster as opposed to Cryolipolysis, where results only start to appear and be noticeable after a month of treatment. However, the results of cryolipolysis are more stable compared to cavitation. 


The great thing is, that you can combine both treatments for enhanced results! 


How does the booking work?


Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange the date for your appointment. We advice calling the salon prior to booking to confirm availability. Please refer to our policies in regards to refunds etc.

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis

£99.00 Regular Price
£59.00Sale Price
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