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About this service:


Do you wish to drop a dress size? Are you preparing for a special occasion or do you just want to look beautiful in your new dress? If the answer is yes, you need to book our 90 minutes ultimate body sculpting treatment. 


The treatment is like no other combining the most advanced techniques on the market. The treatment will cover your tummy, waist and back. 





* Non-invasive/non-surgical treatment 

* No downtime/minumum recovery 

* Safe/no risk involved 

* Increase in muscle mass hence stronger body 

* Preventing ageing and maintaining physical body youth 

* Inch loss in waistline circumference

* Clinical proven

* Suitable for men & women


How does the booking work?


Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange the date for your appointment. We advise calling the salon prior to booking to confirm availability. Please refer to our policies in regard to refunds etc.

360 Body Sculpt

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