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About this service 


VIP non surgical BBL includes vaccum sculpt therapy which helps to bring the fat towards your bum folliwng by the vacuum bbl to enhance the results. It is painless, safe and highly effective as its improving the overall texture and tone of your bum.


How does it work?


We will be using vaccuum sculpt technology to smooth down the cellulite and enhance the buttocks volume. This will be followed with vaccum cups that will bring out your buttocs creating more rounder and volumed shape.


How to prepare for your appointment?


Drink at least 1 litre of water before the treatment. 

Refrain from any alcohol 24hrs prior to the treatment.


Minimum of 6 sessions are required for results once or twice a week as well as glutes exercises regularly.



How does the booking work?


Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange the date for your appointment. We advice calling the salon prior to booking to confirm availability. Please refer to our policies in regards to refunds etc.

VIP Brazilian Non Surgical Vacuum BBL

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